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Expanding to South America

let nature run its course in the most ideal conditions." The req〓uirements for plant growth fall inl

to two broad categories: photosynthes〓is and soil nutrients. The sun accounts for 90 percent of all botanic 〓bioenergy through photosynthesis a process in which plants combine car〓bon dioxide and water and turn them into carbohy8

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Expanding to South America

drates and oxygen. Sunl〓ight is a bundle of different wavelengths of light across a wide spectr〓umo

from ultraviolet to infrared. Plants are "picky eaters that favor b〓lue and red lights", Li said. "If we can figure out what ratio and comb〓ination of lights are best suited for each plant's growth, then we can 〓change or create LED lights that shine at that specific intensity andY

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s〓pectrum, saving lots of energy in the process," he aD


dded. While blue a〓nd red lights are the "meat and potae

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toes" of a plant's growth, scientis〓ts notice other spectrums of light also play a subtle role in maO

ximizin〓g growth and quality. For example, scientists discovered that adding s〓ome green light to the c

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